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Free Online Learning

Career Connections Online Workshops:
May 12  Resume
May 14  Building Self Confidence and Developing a Positive Mindset
May 19  Cover Letter
May 21  Goal Setting and Taking Action
May 26  Interview Skills (in-person & online)
May 28  Social Media and Professionalism
June 2  Job Search
June 4  Developing Teamwork and Communication Skills
June 9  Online Learning
For more information or to register call 902-752-6826

Skills Online Nova Scotia offers thousands of FREE online courses on the most important workplace topics to improve skills and career prospects.

Free Online Training from Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission includes the following courses: Safe Spaces Make Great Workplaces, Serving All Customers Better, and Working with Abilities.

GCF (Goodwill Community Foundation) Learn Free is a site offering free learning to improve skills for life and work.  Topics include: Technology, Math, Reading and Writing, Career Planning, Job Searching and more.

MS Office 365 Video Tutorials allow the learner to gain skills in Microsoft: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Teams and more.

Tourism HR Canada Online Tourism and Hospitality Training is providing free emerit online training ranging from customer service and entry level programs to occupation specific modules for positions within the tourism sector.

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