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Canadian Tire

The Warehouse Associate has a key role in ensuring that products are received, verified, stored, and transported to the sales floor or in the warehouse in a safe and efficient manner. Associates are also responsible for keeping the warehouse neat, tidy, and well maintained. This position includes a lot of lifting and carrying.
Responsibilities and Tasks

Customer Service


·       Provides the team with the necessary supporting  processes to enhance the overall customer experience within the store through:

o   Maintaining housekeeping disciplines in the warehouse in order to facilitate location of products by all staff.

o   Responding to and handling customer and staff inquiries, requests, and concerns in a timely manner.

o   Delivering and assembling merchandise as required.



·       Receives, scans, verifies, and stores all incoming and overstock products according to established procedures and policies.

·       Locates products in the warehouse.

·       Reconciles inventory differences.

·       Prepares merchandise for filing, sorts and fills merchandise carts for the retail floor.

·       Is responsible for garbage disposal, cardboard recycling, and the disposal of broken products in accordance with store policy.

·       Walks their assigned sections to understand what needs to be accomplished on a daily basis.

·       Repairs broken packages as needed.

·       Reports stolen and damaged goods to Management.

·       Operates computer and scanning tools, and enters all relevant coding in Canadian Tire systems.

·       Is responsible for the safe operation of all warehouse equipment (forklift, skyjack etc.).

·       Handles dangerous goods and hazardous products according to established procedures.

·       Plays an active role in the warehouse team by openly sharing opinions and ideas on how to improve the warehouse, and by participating in meetings and all training as required.

·       Engages in learning activities and listens to feedback to improve their own abilities.

·       Complies with company, store, and warehouse policies.

·       Abides by all health and safety programs and regulations. Reports any observed or potential hazards immediately.

·       Uses professional language and maintains a professional appearance (e.g., uniform, hygiene, grooming and name tag) when interacting with others.

·       Completes other tasks, as required.













·       Knowledge of warehouse and store layout.

·       Ability to work with minimal supervision.

·       Basic math and computer skills.

·       Ability to work in other areas of the store is an asset.

·       Certification in operating warehouse equipment is an asset.

·       Work experience in a warehouse/distribution environment, in a Canadian Tire store, is also considered an asset.


Required Skills and Abilities

Successful candidates will demonstrate the following competencies:


·       Strong belief in the Canadian Tire Values of honesty, integrity, and respect.

·       Results-oriented individual.

·       Effective written and oral communication skills.

·       Ability to complete detail oriented retail tasks according to instructions and to demonstrate responsibility for outcomes.

·       Ability to work in a team environment that provides assistance and support to co-workers to achieve common goals.

·       Ability to resolve retail and/or customer issues.

·       Ability to adapt and cope with challenging and changing situations.

·       Positive attitude, punctuality, and solid work ethic.

Potential Career Opportunities

·       Next levels: Merchandiser, Supervisor, Warehouse Manager and Promotions Manager.

·       Other retail, customer service and management opportunities in a large network of more than 485 Canadian Tire stores across the country.

·       Career opportunities across the larger Canadian Tire family (Canadian Tire Petroleum, PartSource, Mark’s, FGL Sports Ltd, Canadian Tire Corporation Limited, and Canadian Tire Financial Services).

Physical Demands and Working Conditions

In compliance with the store’s Health and Safety Policies and Procedures:


·       Standing/walking for 8 hours.

·        Lifting and/or carrying of merchandise items, as required, on a regular, frequent and unassisted basis. Merchandise items may vary in weight from “light” to “heavy”.

·       Lifting and turning repeatedly throughout the shift.

·       Lifting and twisting above the shoulder, from the floor to shoulder, and floor to waist.             

·       Ability to go up and down a ladder and stairs while carrying merchandise.

·       Walking and carrying things at the same time and pushing/pulling, as required.



Customer experience: Smiles, makes eye contact with and greets costumers and staff.  . Answers questions and provides friendly advice and services to customers or staff.   Follows guidelines, policies and procedures emphasizing the customers. Shares ideas with the Management Team on customers’ attractions and practices that have an impact on customer service and helps execute those ideas. Provides the team with the necessary supporting processes to enhance the overall customer experience within the store. Maintains housekeeping disciplines in the warehouse in order to facilitate location of products by all staff.   Responds to and handles customer and staff inquiries, requests, and concerns in a timely manner.  Delivers and assembles merchandise as required.
Honesty, integrity, respect: Respects the line of authority. Openly shares opinions with managers and suggests constructive feedback. Readily admits own mistakes, does not hide facts to avoid negative consequences and learns from them. Is open, fair and treats others equally. Speaks respectfully to team members, customers and managers by using a professional tone of voice and language. Shows respect for cultural and religious differences. Follows the systems and procedures that protect the confidentiality and privacy of customers. Recognizes and reports negative behaviours that hurt the store, customers and other important policies.
Leading and managing: Guides other team members in areas of expertise. Works in collaboration with other team members and shares tips and personal learning to help colleagues. Communicates clearly with others. Works independently on tasks and helping customers, is resourceful and shows ability to find answers. Displays a positive attitude, good work ethic and executes tasks in a timely manner. Attends to both customers and tasks and always tries to do his/her best. Understands and executes Management Team goals and objectives.
Growing the business:


Ensures that retail basics are executed effectively and understands how they relate to sales and profitability (e.g., sales lost as a result of missing labels, incorrect pricing, holes not filled, deals not ready, products not faced properly, etc.). Places products with a higher margin in high impact spots in the store. Understands how own actions, suggestions and sales efforts contribute to overall sales numbers and shares ideas with managers on how to improve productivity. Uses tools available to refer cost and retail issues back to the Warehouse Manager (e.g. coding in CT system, etc). Has a general understanding of budget allocation, cost, retail principles and retail competitors’ factors that influence sales and overall store success.
Problem solving and decision making: Resolves issues related to warehouse execution (e.g., inconsistent inventory, damaged products, etc.) in a timely manner. Uses own knowledge to resolve problems. Knows when to make a decision independently and when to get approval from the warehouse manager. Comes up with different suggestions to resolve problems. Knows where and how to find relevant information to resolve issues.
Motivating and coaching:


Shares best practices, tips and personal learning to help colleagues improve their performance and tell them when they do a good job. Offers to help others and helps new employees to learn about products, policies and procedures. Is open to feedback and gaining new experience, sees coaching as a learning tool and learns from more experienced team members. Completes training with personal interest and motivation.


Works to find solutions to issues and conflicts and suggests changes that could make the store function better. Communicates politely and respectfully with others despite frustrating situations, remains calm when under pressure and stays focused on assigned responsibilities and tasks in a positive way. Adapts to different supervisors’ management and communication style. Is open and optimistic when faced with changes, willingly tries new work methods or stops working on current task to suit changing circumstances. Understands own limits and its impact on others and knows when to ask for help. Moves ahead with work in a positive way despite setbacks.
Work as a team:


Is considerate toward everyone in the store and gets along well with others. Develops effective and supportive relationships within the store, at all levels (management, team members, etc.). Adapts interpersonal style to suit others. Plays an active role within the team by openly sharing opinions and ideas, pitching in to help others get their work done and participating in activities organized by the Management Team and/or Social Committee.
Plans, organizes, delegates, follows up: Executes work in a logical and organized way, step by step, to get work done right the first time and avoid unproductive work. Follows direction and works on task lists created by the Warehouse Manager in order to meet goals. Walks their assigned sections to understand what they have to accomplish on a daily basis and uses task lists to organize their work. Asks for clarity on how to prioritize multiple demands and tasks. Multitasks by focusing on both customer service and executing work and avoid unproductive work. Follows up with Warehouse Manager when tasks assigned are completed.
Takes action and delivers results: Takes ownership and accepts responsibility of assigned tasks. Takes daily actions to achieve goals based on the direction given by Warehouse Manager and provides regular updates on progress. Accepts challenging tasks focuses on achieving results and gets things done as quickly as possible in a safe and efficient manner. Displays a desire to achieve results for the warehouse and always looks for ways to work more efficiently. Understands warehouse goals and executes the action plan to improve store success.


Follows directions from Senior Management Team and complies with management decisions, even when in disagreement. Learns and follows the rules, policies and procedures that need to be respected in the store and understands the consequences of not complying with them. Accomplishes tasks according to Health and Safety rules and regulations. Shares health and safety concerns with Warehouse Manager.
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